Low Level Laser Treatment. What’s the fuss ?

While researching solutions for hearing loss I came across Low Level Laser Treatment. It spiked my curiosity and I researched it deeper…




LLLT has been used in Germany since mid 80s. Dr. Wilden has treated thousands of people since 1991. He has documented results on his web site. Common belief is that once hearing nerve is dead- the damage is permanent. Dr. Wilden has always been arguing it nerve cells are just exhausted by overuse or been damaged. They need help to recover to its full strength. The natural solar radiation created by LLLT helps cells to produce ATP (cellular fuel), which helps to regenerate “tired” cells. All cells have photoreceptors that are able to use light as an energy source if it is available. Laser light is able to penetrate skin and bone enough to reach the structures of the inner ear. Light energy triggers biochemical reactions in the body that aid cell repair and regeneration. One of the important points is that the regeneration process doesn’t only happen when only when the ear is in the contact with the laser, but it is rather an ongoing process. There are no known side effects from the various research trials that I have read. No side effects reported from testimonials either. Also by being lightweight, the device is suitable for travelling which is a huge benefit for me.


There are a few clinics, mostly in Europe that provide treatments. Their prices range from 50$ to 250$US per session. You can also opt for a home laser device. From my research I came across to a few lasers. Some of them are: Konftec, MLS from Dr.Wilden, Luci from Lumomed, Omniguide laser. The lowest price is 450$US and the most expensive is around 3500$US.


There are lot of trials and peer reviews on LLLT.

There are one of the two important things to look at: power of the laser and length of treatment. All unsuccessful trials used lower power lasers than the ones mentioned above. On top of that the treatments were short- around 5-10 minutes for 1 week duration, compare to the recommended by Dr Wilden 30 minutes per day at least for a few months.


Some successful trials links are below:

  1. Korean researches state that: “it may be suggested that the low level laser promotes hair cell survival and recovery of hearing thresholds. “http://www.lasertherapieregensburg.de/Dr.Rhee_hoerverbesserung.pdf
  2. 7 double blinded studies that include placebo proving that LLLT works are listed here: http://www.tinnituspatient.de/ukllltforschung.htm#wilden
  3. More positive laser studies/reports:
  4. http://www.alir.nu/medicin/kortreferenser.htm
  5. Some researches show:” the hearing capacity was improved for patients suffering from hearing impairment with an average of 7,8 dB after twelve treatment sessions”: http://www.alir.nu/medicin/kortforskning.htm
  6. Study shows that there is successful outcome for 15 people in LLLT group versus 2 people in placebo group. There were 32 people in each group:


  1. LLLT may promote hair cell survival after ototoxic damage http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22138884#



After reading it all I decided to order Konftec laser. Let’s see what is going to come out of it. Fingers crossed for a little me!